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Postdoctoral position - Various research topics Erstellt am 8/1/22, 10:22 PM

This postdoctoral fellowship is a collaboration between Stanford University and the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health at Heidelberg University, Germany’s oldest university and a leading hub for health-related research in Europe. The postdoctoral fellow will work under the guidance of Dr. Pascal Geldsetzer and other researchers at Stanford and Heidelberg University. The group works on a wide variety of research, with foci being the health effects of sodium intake, medication effectiveness, health services research, and population health issues more generally. Key data sources for our projects are large population-based cohort studies, household survey data (particularly the Demographic and Health Surveys), and electronic health record data. The group is also working on randomized intervention studies in low- and middle-income country settings and the re-analysis of clinical trial data. The researcher will be expected to publish in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.


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