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Doctoral student - Causal inference in electronic health record data Erstellt am 8/1/22, 10:46 PM

The PhD student will work under the guidance of Dr. Pascal Geldsetzer and other researchers at both Heidelberg University and Stanford University, including population health researchers, clinicians, and methodologists. The researcher will lead analyses in large-scale electronic health record data to determine the real-life effectiveness of certain medications, lifestyle advice, or health services interventions on health and health system outcomes. Electronic health record datasets are from the United Kingdom, USA, Denmark, and Germany. In addition to this core project, the research group works on a wide variety of research, with foci being medication effectiveness, health services research, and population health issues. Methods used in the group’s work include quasi-experimental techniques, descriptive epidemiology, and randomized trials. The student will be expected to publish in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.


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