Eröffnungsplenum (Begr. + Keynote I)

  1. Eröffnung durch den Vorsitzenden der dggö
    Prof. Dr. Mathias Kifmann (Universität Hamburg)

  2. Begrüßung durch die Leibniz Universität Hannover
    Prof. Dr. Volker Epping (Präsident)

  3. Einführung durch die Tagungspräsidentin
    Prof. Dr. Annika Herr (IHE/ Leibniz Universität Hannover)

  4. Keynote I
    Marcella Alsan, Harvard University

Keynote I

"Quality in a heterogeneous society"

By Marcella Alsan, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University

Internationally, but also in Germany, inequalities in morbidity and mortality as well as in access to health care services was thrown into sharp relief by COVID-19. In the first plenary lecture, Marcella Alsan, Harvard University, will discuss some of the heterogeneity observed in society today due to demographic changes and shed light on potential policy responses to improve equity.

Marcella Alsan is Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. She specializes in analyzing the socio-economic and health impacts of discrimination and disadvantage. For example, she analyzed the heterogeneity of the health effects of Hurricane Katrina and Covid-19. She publishes her multiple award-winning work in leading journals such as American Economic Review and The Quarterly Journal of Economics. She is currently a member of the Editorial Board of Science Magazine, Associate Editor of the Journal of Health Economics, and Co-Chair of the Health Care Delivery Initiative of the MIT-based Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab.


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